The Wound Care kit is made up of informational, instructional videos, a printed guide and tracking forms
to help manage the many aspects of wound care. Our 
goal is to educate and engage, reducing any anxiety 
the consumer may have as they begin their self-care.

Printed Guide and DVD

The kit is organized to ensure that users receive a comfortable learning experience. Videos provide an engaging, dynamic presentation of the information to maximize user retention, while the printed guide acts as a hands-on reference mimicking the information in the DVD videos.

General Care

The steps and tips outlined in this section translate into sound, healthy habits, including avoiding infection, hand washing, preparing the environment and other support for healing.


Wound care worksheets allow people to engage in their treatments and relationships with healthcare providers. These forms help them keep track of nurse visits, dressing changes, medical supplies and even continued healthy habits.

Treatment Products

There are thousands of products for the treatment of wounds. Our kits demonstrate the most-commonly used products to cover the widest range of requirements for the consumer. These unbranded products do not supersede doctors' orders but rather show patients and family members the safest way to apply them.


It can be difficult to keep track of all the specific instructions and dates that doctors and nurses give during their visits. The Notes section provides a common space for all the directions doctors give on the spot.

More Information

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