Our tool kits are the cornerstone of our healthcare commitment. They provide valuable knowledge to patients and their caregivers, enabling them to properly care for themselves at home.

In response to the growth of home-based care and healing requirements, Cambium has created a series of ground-breaking tool kits to help patients and their caregivers develop the competence and confidence to manage health-related issues at home and avoid costly trips to the hospital.

Each tool kit is targeted to aid those with a specific ailment or chronic condition. They generally include a DVD, a printed guide, worksheets and other supporting materials specific to the condition.

Cambium kits provide more than just steps for healing. We include key information to help people achieve optimal health. This requires a holistic approach to self-care, with tips on nutrition, exercise and positive thinking.

Patient-Centered Engagement

Personal and Conversational

Our Tool Kits are targeted to the specific needs and concerns of the individual and those taking care of them. The materials work closely with the individual and their caregivers to create personalized action plans and help them set goals they want to achieve.

Modern Learning

Our kits provide people with multiple ways to learn, which allows them to choose the materials that best fit their learning style and preferences. High-quality visuals, colorful graphics and easy-to-understand tests maximize retention for almost any audience.

Changing Behavior

The Tool Kits go beyond just medical instructions, but rather show people the path to a steady, attainable behavior change. Our kits work with the person and their caregiver to determine which behaviors affect their condition, which are easiest to change, and which ones they want to change.

Testing and Approval

We want to create the best possible learning products, so each kit undergoes extensive testing and approval from real home healthcare patients and medical experts before the product release.


Wound Care Tool Kit

Both acute and chronic wounds are addressed in this tool kit for Wound Care patients.

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COPD Tool Kit

We help people with COPD learn more about the disease and how to avoid Flare-Ups.

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