Cambium Technologies provides quality products and services that help people manage ailments and chronic conditions at home.

Cambium Technologies

Cambium Technologies was created in 2011 as a result of a collaboration between business executives, acedemia, healthcare providers and healthcare coaches who noted an absence of quality content for consumers in today's healthcare system. Given that the Medical Home Model focuses on patient-centered care, the team identified that quality education, system management and behavior change is paramount to achieving the better care, better outcomes and lower cost objectives in our nation's healthcare initiatives.

Patients and their families needed a resource that was made just for them, something that could give them a sense of empowerment. Cambium's approach goes beyond merely educating people; it builds their confidence and skills so they can successfully manage their conditions from the comfort of their own homes.

Patient-Centered Care

Rising medical costs, longer life spans and baby boomers reaching retirement age are causing a seismic shift in where healthcare will be delivered today and in the future. More and more people are requesting to receive care in their own homes. Due to this shift, healthcare is transitioning to patient-centered care—people and their families assuming greater control and accountability for their healthcare.

The Cambium Solution

While home healthcare allows people to avoid costly stays at the hospital, it also exposes them to many risks. Consumers who want to remain in their homes must become more engaged in well-being. Cambium provides the knowledge they need to remain healthy and avoid common mistakes that could land them back in the hospital.

Using our high-quality Tool Kits increases patient competence and confidence in caring for themselves. In-depth understanding of the causes of each condition, how to recognize symptoms and lifestyle changes are key to self-care. Cambium Technologies provides a continuous care feedback loop with our service center, reaching out to people to encourage maximum engagement and help them adhere to the program. Cambium's goal is to capture key information about a person's self-care journey and combine it with other key data to predict when a major medical episode might occur. This feedback loop is key for the patient and their entire healthcare team working to increase healthy outcomes.